Monday, 18 October 2010

Copy Pirates

i love drawing stuff like this. 

Some illustrations for my current Uni project....

Broadway Cafe Bar, Nottingham 

Broadway Cafe Bar, Nottingham 

Trinity Square, Nottingham 

Waiting for the Winter - Light Night 2010

Last week I was involved in Light Night in Leeds. 

Bascially it's a night of multi-art-celebrations that happens all around the city, where people do stuff for arts sake. 

As an honorary member of Knit a Bear Face, I was invited to knit for a statue in Leeds City Centre. 
I was knitting for James Watt, the Scottish Inventor. We decided that he needed a hat, beard and ginger locks. 

Because I had to finish Uni and get the train from Nottingham, mine was one of the last pieces to be put up. But it was pretty cool sitting waiting for the guys, as the passers by began to notice the knitted accessories worn by the other statues :)

I've uploaded my pictures of most of the Knit a Bear Face Light Night knits here... so go have a look!

Big thanks to the Victoria for providing shelter for Knit a Bear face to knit and sup, Designer Yarns for donations and Mildred and everyone else for doing a lot of hard work. 

More about Light Night here... 

Here's the Knit a Bear Face group

Here's lots of photo's of everything that was happening at Light night