Friday, 5 November 2010

Knitted Dogs

I saw these at Origin and thought they were amazing...

I'm going to try making some for xmas. Although I might try needle Felting them. There's a book available...
And there's loads more stuff on the Muir and Osborne Blog here.

Here's my needle felted version of Hagrid!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I love dressing up, so i was mega disappointed when I had to leave a Halloween party for a stupid migrane. (and I didn't get a better picture of my outfit) Anyway, here's our costumes. 

Laurence - Pacman, Scott - Pacman Ghost Red, Me - Tippi Hedren in The Birds, Andie - Pignose (it was a last minute thought). 
(BTW i'm in character for the photo, not just seen a rat...)

And well done to the boys who won the best costume! 
(even though their seams were 'sewn' with staples and cellotape.....)