Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Necklace organiser!

Been meaning to do this for ages.
I was planning to get some MDF and nails, but in the end used a pinboard, and folded and pinned a piece of pretty fabric in place. (actually makes it more versatile because I can move the pins)

ta daa!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Get your stag and hen t-shirts here!

When it came to my brother's stag do, of course everyone wanted a Forward Russia ¡! t-shirt with their own name on the back.

(Look at this cute gif I found someone made!?)

Anyway. I was more than happy to oblige to make 18 forward russia shirts for the boys to get boozey in Berlin.

Cue a couple of days solid painting.....hey, that's what holidays are made for!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Plushie Letters

After seeing something similar in a Wedding magazine, I decided to make some plushie letters for my cousins wedding as a surprise.

She had chosen a selection of fabrics which all the soft furnishings and stationary were based around, and so I used those to write 'Mr & Mrs Abbott' along the bunting.

Leaving it sort of to the last minute, I was sewing up til 1am the night before the wedding, but I am still pretty pleased with how they look, next time I would just double check the letter spacings!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Wedding Invites

I designed and made the wedding invitations for my cousin, based on a selection of fabrics she had chosen.

 We agreed on making cream invites for day guests and pink for evening guests.

She specifically wanted to use the rose detail of the fabric design, and so I scaled the invitations up to do this, and also make the text a comfortable size to stitch. 
The fabric invites were then scanned to produce the printed invites, which meant the couple were able to frame the originals as a keep sake.

All the text is hand stitched and decoration is appliqued.
(there is a faint line across these images from where they have been scanned!)

[click for larger image]